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On May 9, 2010
 Sure agriculture ART


Today, any company must be protected by an A.R.T.
Today, you have the freedom of choosing to whom to entrust this responsibility.

Nation Risks of the Work is the division of Insurances ART of the Bank Nation, created to protect his company and the personnel before any contingency in the ambience labor or caused by the work. An accident includes from the work of accident prevention, the improvement of the conditions of hygiene and safety, up to the attention and/or compensation the workpeople after happened.
From the sanction of the Law 24.557, all the employers are compromised by the prevention and compensation of Risks of the Work hiring an Insurance of ART.
All the Insurers of Risk of Work, are forced to cover the following risks:

Industrial accident: Sudden and violent event happened for
fact or in occasion of the work.

Accidents in Itinere: Event happened in the trajectory between
domicile of the worker and the place of the work and of the work to the domicile.

Occupational disease: Caused by the tasks of the worker and for
conditions I come up environmental of the work.

As loaners of this coverage, the Bank Nation chose to two companies leaders on the market, Province ART, specializing Company of the Group BAPRO, and Prevention ART, Company of the Group Sancor Seguros, both with the most advanced technology and International Certifications of maximum quality.

To request a quotation they can do it approaching any of our Divisions and reporting:

Social reason.
Code of Activity (CIIU).
Developed real activities.
Entire workpeople quantity.
Wage mass (sum of gross wages held to contributions).


Nation Risks of the Work, across his Company loaner Provincia ART it expires with all the legal requirements that his company needs.
This coverage becomes a person in charge of paying indemnifications or revenues and of taking care of the recovery of the workpeople eventful or affected by his work.
According to the law, the teams of Province ART are employed actively for the improvement of the conditions of hygiene and safety at the companies, promoting changes of low cost and high efficacy to prepare accidents. Nation Risks of the Work attends especially on the needs for companies that, like his, are generating of employment in our country.


International solvency: international support of associates of the first level:
Insurance Partners, CNP and General RE.

Maxim attends: Welfare network of high complexity and attention to
affiliate in the whole country.

Certified quality: Sick benefits services and dinerarias with
quality certified by IRAM based in the Norms ISO 9001-2000.


Prevention ART, group enterprise Sancor Seguros, offers an integral answer in industrial accidents thanks to his mission to protect the health of the personnel from three basic aspects:

Minimizing the risk of accidents and illnesses
labor across elaborated prevention programs.

Offering an immediate answer and of hierarchy before
any type of contingency.

Revealing an ethical and human sense in every
moment and in each of the actions.

Prevention ART is provided at present with a very strong market positioning at national level, occupying places of leadership undiscussed thanks to the quality of his products, to the permanent innovation, to a trajectory of reliability, to a personalized attention and, especially to the quality of the people who shapes a big human team that — every day — keeps on excelling itself always more to offer.

Lenders' network:

1.200 services and Medical Professionals, more than 7.500
Services and Pharmaceutical Professionals and a Network of Centers
of Medical Emergency in the whole country.

Exclusive Labor medical centers: located in Good
Airs, Cordova, Rosary, Santa Fe, Mendoza and General Roca
for attention and rehabilitation of the workpeople
had an accident or with occupational diseases. Also for
Internet can realize consultations online on the network of

International coverage:

Prevention ART extended his coverage to the entire world, so that every employee is protected, even if it should realize his work out of the country, by means of an agreement realized with Iberian Assistance. In spite of only calling 54-11 - 5300-8092 will coordinate the pursuit and the attention even high definitive.

Personalized and free attention 24 hours:

The insured companies have at his disposal a free line 0800-5555-278 24 hours. Calling to this line it will receive the professionals advice highly qualified to act and to offer to him the best assistance in critical moments.



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