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On May 9, 2010

The exclusive card of buy and credit for agricultural producers, which it counts
with the guarantee of the Bank of the Nation Argentina



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If you commercialize agricultural inputs or are a lender of services for the field, we invite it to sell with AgroNación, the exclusive card for agricultural producers of the Bank Nation.
“We are provided with the users' biggest portfolio the length and breadth of the country!”

More BENEFITS for the commerce

Rapidity and safety in his operations. Authorize his sales across the fixed or mobile electronic terminals that AgroNación offers him, eliminating the risks of the surgery for role.

Know the advantages of operating with these teams.

With blindfold and copper at 72 skillful hours of carried out the closing lot from the terminal, without need to present coupons in the Bank
Collection safety. it offers to him entire safety in the cashing of his sales, because Argentina is provided with the guarantee of the Bank of the Nation.

Option of pass of distributors' operations to wholesalers across his electronic terminal

Possibility of signing agreements of commercial collaboration with our card. This novel tool that we put at his disposal, extends the direct contact of his commerce with our users, generating advantages diferenciadoras and increasing his sales.
Approach his division and discover the benefits of working with this new form.

Remember: The material identificatorio that AgroNación sends to him, will be able only to be exhibited inside the sales place. IT WILL NOT HAVE TO BE EXHIBITED IN THE FRONTAGE / SHOP WINDOW OF THE SAME ONE.


the exclusive card is for agricultural producers of the Bank of the Nation Argentina.

For more than 11 years, we are along with the man of the Argentine field, offering to him the best financing conditions for his activity.

All the inputs that his activity demands, acquire them with AgroNación and enjoyment of the best valuation of the market.

More BENEFITS for the associates

AgroNación is an always available credit, so that it uses it when he needs it.
The best valuation of the market. At the moment of buying, analyze his options. It will think that his card AgroNación offers him the best conditions... do not pay of any more!

With abone the buy of his inputs as the productive cycle of his activity. We offer him the most flexible service so that it adapts his expirations as his expediency.

Buy today and begin to pay in 1 year.

Buy today and pay even in 12 quotas, consecutive or alternating, of equal or different totals.

And remember that, at the moment of paying his account summary, he can choose for a MINIMAL PAYMENT and keep on financing the remaining balance, what extends moreover his term of payment.

Wide commerce network in the whole country. Know them clicking here.

Gain access to exclusive promotions, across our agreements of commercial collaboration with the principal marks.

to he allows to hire services or buy any of these inputs:
Agricultural machineries and Stores Professional services
Siloes Paintings
Fuels and Lubricants Vans and Small cars
Tires Teams of computing
Hardware General insurances
Cereals and fodder Seeds Cellular telephony
Food Balanced for animals Materials for the Construction
Fertilizers and Agrochemicals Treasury Department
Facilities Agricultural services
Transport of Load Systems of Irrigation
Motorbikes and Bicycles Mechanical workshops
Accessories and Stores for railcar Scales for the Agriculture
Casillas rural: Sales and Rent Fumigations
Rural facilities Madereras
Plastic for the Agriculture Other titles that we continue
One contact with AgroNación

To receive advice on products and services communicate with our Center of Contacts to: 0810 666-4444 of Monday to Friday from 8 to 20 hs.
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Quotations of Currencies
on the Free Market of Changes
"Value Today" to the last closing Operations:
Dollar USA3.85503.8950
Pound sterling5.69855.7654
Franco Suizo (*)347.2202351.3317

Dollar USA3.883.91
Real (*)200210
(*) quotation every 100 uidades.
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