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On May 9, 2010


All the products and services given by the BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA and societies belonging to the GROUP BANK NATION are submitted to the current legislation of the Republic Argentina.


Read attentively the following general conditions. For the access to this direction and (from now on the "Web") you will have User's consideration to any of his pages and it is presumed that he accepts these general conditions. The access to some of the pages of this Web can be limited by the laws and dispositions of the different jurisdictions of the countries. If you are in this circumstance, Argentina may have no access to part or to the whole Web of the Bank of the Nation.

•  The information contained in these Web, included products and services, including but without limiting itself to, texts, graphs, logos, images, icons and files, hardware and software, are protected by the Intellectual property laws. The contents will be able to be used like a tool of communication and/or information; any other use, including the reproduction, modification, distribution or transmission without the express authorization of the BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA, is definitely prohibited.

• The  above mentioned information is destined for his distribution or use, basically, for major age individuals or emancipated, companies, societies, natural or juridical persons or any another entity (from now on You "Present yourself") with residence in Argentina or that gain access from the Republic Argentina, therefore the BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA declines all responsibility for the Persons access in jurisdictions where the above mentioned distribution or use could be opposite to the regulation or regulation.

•  Certain products and services cannot be available or prohibited in all the jurisdictions or for all the Persons and, consistently, the BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA will be able to restrict or push back the access to any that one that does not fulfill the requisites of residence and access from the Republic Argentina.

•  The BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA as entity of the Argentine National State is submitted exclusively to the federal jurisdiction. When he is an actor in judgment, the federal competition will be competing with the ordinary justice of the provinces and the federal national competition in the civil and commercial of the Federal Capital of the Republic Argentina with that of the common national justice. He remains authorized not to put up the jurisdictional exception when it acts in foreign countries, realizing commercial acts as person of private right.



•  The BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA has obtained the information and the materials included in the Web of considered sources like trustworthy, but, although reasonable measures have been taken to make sure that the suppressed information should be correct, the BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA does not guarantee that it is exact, finished or updated and, consistently, it does not take responsibility for the errors or omissions on the information offered by means of the access to this Place, or to other places to which across the same one it was possible to obtain and must not entrust itself in her as if it was. The BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA declines definitely any responsibility for error or omission in the information contained on the pages of this Web.

•  The BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA reserves the right to modify, to suspend, to cancel or to restrict the content of the Web, as well as the ties or the information obtained across her, without need for previous notice.

•  The BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA is responsible neither for the flaws or defects that could present the products, goods and/or services of which knowledge is by means of the access to this place or the pages to which he gains access across him, nor of the direct and/or indirect expenses that these provoke.

•  In no case, the BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA, his divisions and/or his directors, personnel and authorized personnel will be responsible for any type of damage, losses, claims or expenses of no type, so much if they proceed as if not, of the use of the Web, of the information acquired or gained access for or across this one, or of computer viruses, of operative mistakes or of interruptions in the service or transmission, mistakes in the line; the use of the Web, both for direct connection and for tie or another way, constitutes a notice any User of whom these possibilities can happen.

•  It remains prohibited to transmit or to send across the Web any illegal or illicit content, computer viruses, or messages that, in general, they affect or there violate rights of the BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA or third.

•  The BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA does not become responsible for not proper Webs to which it is possible to gain access by means of ties ("links) or of any content put at disposal for third. Any use of a tie or access to not proper Web is realized by will and exclusive risk of the User. The BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA neither recommends nor guarantees any information obtained for or across a tie, nor takes responsibility of any loss, claim or damage derived from the use or bad use of a tie, or of the information obtained across him, including other ties or Webs, of the interruption in the service or in the access, or of the attempt of using or of using badly a tie, so much on having gained access to the Web of the BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA, as on having gained access to the information of other Webs from the Web of the BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA.

•  In some occasions, this Web will be able to use Cookies, and/or programming Javascript and Flash. The User has the option to prevent the use by means of the selection of the corresponding option in his navigator, although, the defusing of the same ones, the good functioning of the page can prevent.

•  In certain cases to offer information this Web uses the format Acrobat Reader. The User must have previously the installed above mentioned program it unloading free of the official place Adobe.


•  This Web provides neither any type of recommendation of investment, nor legal, fiscal advice, not of another class and nothing of what in her is included must be taken as a base to realize investments or to take decisions. Also, the information contained in this Web is published for his general use and does not bear in mind specific targets of investment, financial situation or particular needs of any Person. Before deciding on any investment, you should obtain the suitable and specific professional advice. The value of the investments can rise or go down, circumstance that the investor must assume even at the risk of not recovering the inverted amount, partly or in its entirety. The same way, the announcement of past profitabilities, it does not constitute a promise or guarantee of future profitabilities.

•  The contents of this Web have only informative purpose and under no circumstance they must be used nor be considered to be a sale offer, neither request of an offer of buy nor recommendation to realize any other deal, unless this way it is indicated definitely. Any decision of buy on the part of the recipient, should be adopted bearing in mind the existing public information about the value, and in his case, attending on the content of the leaflet registered on the Web page.


•  This Web is a property of the BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA. The rights of Intellectual property and rights of development and reproduction of this Web, of his pages, screens, the information that they contain, his appearance and design, as well as the ties ("hyperlinks) that establish from her to other Web pages of any subsidiary society of the BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA, are an exclusive property of this one unless another thing is specified. Any denominations, designs and/or logotypes, as well as the products or services offered and reflected on this web page, are marks properly registered by the BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA and/or his Subsidiary Societies. Any undue use of the same ones by person different from his legitimate holder will be able to be chased in accordance with the current legislation. The rights of intellectual property and marks of third are emphasized properly and must be respected by any that one who gains access to this Web page. Only for personal and private use it is allowed to unload the contents, to copy or to print any page of this Web. It remains prohibited to reproduce, to transmit, to modify or to suppress the information, content or warnings of this Web without the express previous authorization and in writing of BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA.


•  When the Persons deposit personal information to contact us and/or to use our services, they do it in voluntary form, including the information related to the use that has done in the past of products and services of the BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA that it ID cards allow to identify, like for example his name, surname, date of birth, domicile, city, province, e-mail, telephone number, etc., being this private information, that is to say, are not available to the public. This information will be able to be distributed to the group enterprises BANK NATION as it corresponds. This way also we leave steadfastness that, on not having been checked, that is to say, without validating reliably that the incomer information belongs to finished whom the information needed by the system, not required informations might be sent.

•  The BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA neither sells nor rents to anybody given information.

•  The BANK OF THE NATION ARGENTINA will be able to contact the Persons, on the base of the incomer information, in the future if he believed it suitably.


The present Legal Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parts and repeal any previous agreement between the parts in this matter. The declaration of which some of the dispositions was invalid or not feasible to these Legal Terms and Condiciones, will not have any effect with regard to other provisions of these Legal Terms and Conditions, which will remain with entire effect and validity.


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