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On May 9, 2010
 Operations Interdivision


Our service brings the most direct ways over for all his bank operations.


Only in the Bank Nation it can do deposits and transferences completely on line and
to the moment. Be provided with more than 617 houses in the whole country to use this service.

Accreditation in real-time. Available money to the moment in the destination account.
Deal confirmed automatically by the system interdivision.
Available service in the whole country.
Without cost for operations between his accounts.


On proper accounts: Without Cost.
On account of third: Minimal Tariff.


With this service it can turn money to third in any destination of the country in which there exists a division of the Bank Nation.

Operation across our SYSTEM ON LINE interdivision.
Immediate mailing.
Open service, both the issuer of the draft and the recipient do not need to be account holders in the bank.

  To receive advice on this product communicate with our Center of Contacts to: 0810-666-4444 of Monday to Friday from 8 to 20 hs.  

Money mailing on the outside
Across our services he can send money for familiar help or simply to bring cash over to any person who is in the exterior.
  Schedule dates Banco Nación
In all the period, his money can grow insurance with the support of the principal Argentine financial institution.
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