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On May 9, 2010
 Operations with the exterior


Mailing and Reception of funds towards and from the exterior

In the Bank of the Nation Argentina it will discover that to come to the whole world is very easy.

From any of our divisions it can send or receive money towards or from the exterior in sure, efficient and economic form.

For familiar help
To transfer or to receive pensions
To send or to receive funds for scholarships.
To pay subscriptions and inscriptions to congresses.
To pay or to receive services or fees.
To pay buys of imported products.
To cancel trips expenses, etc.



With the presentation of the Document of Identity, of C.U.I.L. or C.U.I.T., it is possible to transfer money on the outside.
It is necessary to record the Bank in the exterior to which there are sent the money and the number of account or document (according to the case) of the person who will receive the funds.
To receive pensions or pensions in the exterior, it is a requisite to designate the BNA as proxy of the beneficiary before the corresponding organism.
Also, for mailing by way of familiar help, consult for our preferential tariffs.


With the presentation of the Document of Identity, of C.U.I.L. or C.U.I.T., it is possible to receive money of the exterior.
It is possible to receive pensions or pensions of the exterior, across the BNA in sure form and to competitive costs.
Also, to receive money by way of familiar help, consult our preferential tariffs.

(*) Operations subject to the exchange and monetary norms established by the B.C.R.A.

If you want to export or matter, know other forms of payment or cashing to / from the exterior, Press here.

To receive advice on this product communicate with our Center of Contacts to: 0810-666-4444 of Monday to Friday from 8 to 20 hs.

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In all the period, his money can grow insurance with the support of the principal Argentine financial institution.
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A fundamental tool of the economic development to prop his growth strategy up.

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