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On May 9, 2010
 Electronic banking  Datanet

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This network integrated by the principal banks of the country, has been created to answer to the needs for bank and financial management of the companies.

With Datanet his company will be able to manage, in a simplest way and from his PC, all his bank surgery and have the widest information with the maximum safety and rapidity.

The Bank of the Nation Argentina offers him two possible alternatives:

Basic module:

Consult movements and balances of his bank accounts.
Historical of two months.
Automatic conciliation of the same ones.
Transferences to proper accounts.

Finished module:

Ditto basic module ç
Transferences to accounts of third taken root in any of the Banks
participants of the network.

Payment of customs taxes.

The company gains access to a circuit closed across a dedicated telephone line, by means of the use of modems. It counts at safety levels for software and for hardware that there guarantee the reliability and confidentiality of the whole surgery.

Benefits for his company:

He does not need to meet to the Banks.
It economizes on times and on human resources.
It saves operative costs.
He has a wider schedule for the whole surgery. (8 to 16:30)
It eliminates risks for the multiple levels of safety of the system.
It is possible to credit in accounts taken root in more than 40 Banks.
It centralizes all the bank operations.
It simplifies the pursuit of the whole surgery.
It offers a top rapidity in the movements between accounts.
He has major information.

To adhere to this system, approach the division nearest to his company and complete the corresponding form
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