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Nation Factoring is the group enterprise Banco Nación specialized in giving immediate financing to the Small and Medium Companies of our country, by means of the credit instruments discount.

We concentrate our efforts on the support to markets with potential growth high place. Many projects of expansion of sales and credit turn out to be truncated by the absence of cash in immediate form. It is for this need that the agile and opportune credit every day is more determinant. Concientes of this need is born NATION FACTORING S.A., a company specializing in the factoring of instruments, attending to companies in the country along with Directdoo, complementing his current products offer.

The factoring is a financial tool more and more used as an injection of liquidity for the company, a tool to optimize the collection management and to obtain major flexibility in the credit politics to clients.

We attend to our clients accompanying his growth and development, in two fundamental aspects:

The capital Financing of Work taking like guarantee to the credit instruments represented by Invoices, credit Invoices and Checks of Deferred Payment, injecting liquidity to the business.
The Collection and Administration of his Account receivables, providing reports on the behavior of the same ones of way of granting credit advice on his debtors and of reducing the cost associate businessman.

This way Nation Factoring S.A. offers support to the PyME by means of two financing alternatives:

In direct form, across the portfolio PyME of the BNA
Across the clients of the Area Big Companies of the BNA, financing the providers of these by means of special agreements with these companies.

On having turned quickly his documents for receiving in cash his company, between other benefits, it will manage:

To improve the liquidity indexes, obtaining availability of immediate credit without affecting his balance.
Minor costs and major efficiency in the collection management.
To improve the relation with his providers and to obtain discounts for payments in time.
A tool to impel his sales, increasing the credit period to his clients.

If you are a BNA client or it want to be, invoice more than one million in weight per year, he is interested in the Factoring surgery, have to good to complete the form:

For Factoring Doméstico, obtain it clicking here
For Factoring Internacional, obtain it clicking here
In both cases, as soon as the form was completed send it to the following e-mail direction:

Advice receives in anyone of more than 650 divisions of the Bank Nation in the whole country, one communicate by telephone to 5235-5500 or route fax 5235-5501

Avenue Leandro N. Alem 356, Trod on 14.
C1003AAQ - Buenos Aires - Argentina


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