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On May 9, 2010
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Joint funds of Investment

The Joint funds of Investment Pellegrini allow to his company to take part in an investment portfolio, both on the Financial market and in the capital Market.

An investment portfolio is a mix or destinations combination to make his money grow, and each one represents an answer to his different expectations, times and needs.

Special advantages

Immediate liquidity. In case of being necessary, his company can arrange in 24 ó 72 hs. skillful of the inverted partial or entire amount, according to the fund.

Without commissions. The Joint funds Pellegrini have commissions neither in the buy (subscription) nor in the sale (rescue). The annual fees by administration are included in the value of the cuotapartes.


The investment does to itself effective by means of the quotas subscription parts that represent a co-ownership right on the fund.

They are administered by expert analysts of the financial and stock-exchange market, which monitorean permanently his investment.
The patrimony that composes the funds is fundamentally integrated for:

Values: national and international public qualifications, actions and negotiable obligations.

Instruments expressed by financial institutions: fixed-term deposits certificates I fix.

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