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On May 9, 2010
 Plan I Weld Nation


His company can insure itself across the PLAN SALARY NATION the payment of the money of his personnel in time and forms, with the whole support and soundness of the Bank of the Nation Argentina.

Across this Service, the Bank Nation offers the following advantages:

Major national coverage, with more than 650 Divisions connected in line and in real-time.
More than 740 cash dispensers distributed strategically the length and breadth of the country.
With fixed costs and without surprises.

The PLAN I WELD NATION it satisfies at the same time his need for administrative efficiency and the expectations of sure cashing of his personnel, opening the way towards new services and more benefits.

Approach right now any of our Divisions and consult for the PLAN SALARY NATION. You will be choosing the whole reliability, the support and the seriousness of the Bank of the Nation Argentina.

Hiring the PLAN I WELD NATION, his Company will have access to following benefits:

Safety, because he avoids the handling and cash transfer.

The funds are debited straight of his account and become famous in the accounts of the personnel.

It optimizes the use of the time of his personnel, because they can operate on his account with Home Banking across the computer, by phone across our service of Telephone Banking. Efficiency, because with the Automation for High of the Accounts, and the System of Accreditation by means of magnetic support, he avoids the use of charts or lists and guarantees the confidentiality to you and the personnel.

It diminishes totals of them go and advances, thanks to the advance in account that the Bank of the Nation Argentina offers to his personnel.

I access to the whole Offer of Services designed especially for his Company:
Service of Payment to Providers.
Service of Collection.
Electronic banking: Interpyme and Nation Company 24.
Entire Ticket.
Nation Life - Collective Life insurance.
Nation Risks of the Work - ART.

PLAN I WELD NATION, it is thought so that the personnel should receive his money every month of an easy, comfortable and sure way across the Cash dispensers of the Network Link of the Bank Nation, having there accessed also to the Tellers of the Network Link of Other Banks and of the Network Banelco.

With PLAN I WELD NATION the personnel has access to an exclusive Offer of Products and Services of Personal Banking with preferential conditions.

Enjoyment of the advantages of a plan that to allow him to receive his salary brings over a wide variety of exclusive, such benefits like:

Savings bank without cost.

I access to all the products of Electronic Banking without any cost. Home Banking, Mobile Banking, Info Banking, Payment of Taxes and Services across his PC.

Telephone banking without charge. To gain access to the Bank Nation in spite of only calling 0810-888-1212.

Personal loans Nation Plan I Weld with preferential money-market rate.

Mortgage loans for Acquisition, Enlargement or Snack of his new or secondhand housing.

I pass in Account of up to 50 % of the income.

Credit cards Visa and/or Mastercard in all his versions without emission cost and with the cost of renewal discounted in accordance with consumptions.

I access to the exclusive coverage of Hereditary Insurances of the Bank Nation, with our coverages for Fire, Familiar and Self-propelled Cocktail.

Integral life insurance Nation.

Insurance of Accidents Nation.

Insurance against Theft in Cash dispensers.

Electronic banking
In Banco Nación, to operate from his office is very simple and it does not have any cost.
Safety and support for a better administration of the money of the company.

Transferences on line
Electronic banking
Exterior commerce
Corporate cards
Collection management
Payment management
Plan I Weld Nation
Quotas debit in money
Groups of affinity
Entire Ticket
Collective insurances
Ticket Nation
Insurance A.R.T.
Public sector

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