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On May 9, 2010
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Date Report Image
4/20/2010   18346 consultations on credit Nation Marries Own
4/15/2010   New line of mortgage credits "Proper House"
4/13/2010   Analysis of Financing to renew groups
3/30/2010   Homage of the BNA to his missing personnel
3/29/2010   Week of the Memory, the Truth and the Justice
3/25/2010   BNA $ gave 4.820 M in credits for PyMEs
3/10/2010   The BNA inaugurated his third Center PyME, in Quilmes
2/25/2010   BNA received the certification ISO 9001
2/9/2010   Fabrega took up office like new president of the BNA
2/8/2010   Fabrega takes up office like new president of the BNA
1/13/2010   Financing for the Agriculture
12/21/2009   The BNA and the Empretec rewarded the winners
12/21/2009   BNA will inaugurate the Second Center PyMe
12/18/2009   Awards - Emprendimientos Innovadores 2009
12/17/2009   Concert of the Choir Banco Nación
12/16/2009   The BNA approves Surgery to deduct bonds
12/15/2009   BNA signed an agreement with ADEPA
11/26/2009   Meeting organized by the Chamber Armenia
11/26/2009   Fluent Marco del Pont in the Sec. of Culture
11/26/2009   I find - Generation Projected Bicentenary
11/20/2009   The BNA inaugurated the first Center SME
11/16/2009   Report of CEFID-AR November, 2009
11/2/2009   Agreement between BNA and the CAF for U$S 50 millions
11/2/2009   Delivery of coins - enlargement of Network of Suc.
10/28/2009   Report of CEFID-AR October, 2009
10/26/2009   The Bank Nation celebrated his 118 years
10/23/2009   Next Conference opening
10/22/2009   Agreement between BNA and the FOGABA
10/20/2009   The BNA and the government of Mendoza
10/19/2009   Mechanisms of financial and productive integration
10/6/2009   Agreement with the Supreme Court
9/21/2009   BNA - Empretec, throwing of contest.
9/17/2009   The BNA and the Foundation Empretec
9/15/2009   Financing to Pymes of the Argentine North
9/2/2009   Agreement with the government of the Nunchaku.
8/19/2009   The BNA gains participation in the financial system
8/13/2009   The BNA gave $ 3.200 millions to PyMEs
8/3/2009   BNA finances to Cooperatives Agrop. of Between Rivers
7/2/2009   Agreement with the Secretariat of Culture
6/23/2009   Debt laying National Road Plan
6/23/2009   Report "Loans not Financial Private sector"
6/8/2009   Debt laying for the National Road Plan
6/1/2009   They designate 40 divisions for coins delivery N/D
5/20/2009   Opening of the seminar of the Cefid-ar
5/15/2009   Seminar “Crisis Global, The Financial System...
5/4/2009   The BNA supports the Regional economy
4/16/2009   The BNA encourages to the regional economies
4/12/2009   $ 50 weekly millions in credits for PyMEs
3/31/2009   $ 2,35 millions to producers Tucumán strawberry
3/30/2009   BNA will finance trucks made of the country
3/26/2009   THE BNA in FIMAR ’09
3/20/2009   Agreement between the BNA and the Government of Formosa
3/19/2009   Exhibition organized in the "Week of the Memory"
3/19/2009   Meeting businessmen Pymes of software with BNA
3/18/2009   Active Nation participation Trusteeships
3/11/2009   The BNA will sign agreement with the CAF
3/6/2009   There grows the financing of the Bank Nation to PyMEs
3/2/2009   The BNA leads the credit market
2/5/2009   Official throwing of the Electronic Ticket N/D
1/25/2009   Level of lower mulberry of last decades
1/23/2009   Loans the Only Housing, fixed valuation until 2011
1/14/2009   Credits for the agricultural machinery buy
1/11/2009   We are big enough of the BNA for more than 14.000 millions

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