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The Bank of the Nation Argentina from the sanction of
law 25.246
of Concealment of Wash of Assets of Criminal Origin is compromised faithfully in the struggle against the wash of money and financing of the terrorism. For it, he has designed and implemented politics and procedures of internal control to assure his target, that his products and services should not be used by criminal ends.

Concept of wash of assets of illicit origin
  To turn, to transfer, to administer, to sell, to burden or to apply of any other way, money or goods originated from a crime in which it had not taken part, with the consequence of which the original goods or those that replace them, acquire the appearance of a licit origin.
Concept of prevention of financing of the terrorism

It is the set of actions and collections tending to prevent across any form, direct or by implication, illicit and deliberately, from being provided or gathering funds with the intention of which they are used, or with the knowledge that they will be used, in everything or partly, for this destination.

Basic beginning

The financial institutions subject to the diet of the law 21.526 and modificatorias, are SUBJECTS FORCED to:

TO OBTAIN of his clients, requirentes or aportantes, documents that prove reliably his IDENTITY, personería juridical, domicile and other information that in every case are stipulated, to realize any type of activity of those that they take as an object.
TO ABSTAIN from revealing the client or to third the performances that realize in observance of the law 25.246.
Suspicious operations

Deals that in accordance with the uses and customs of the activity that one treats, as this way also from the experience and suitability of the persons forced to report, they turn out to be unusual, without economic or juridical justification or from unusual or unjustified complexity, are realized in isolated or repeated form.  


The law 25.246 created the FINANCIAL INFORMATION UNIT autarkic entity that acts in jurisdiction of the Department of Justice and Human rights and that has to his charge the analysis, treatment and transmission of the received information, on the part of the forced subjects, in order to prepare and there prevented the wash of assets and financing of the terrorism. Also, it possesses the faculty to request reports, documents, precedents and any other element that he considers useful for the fulfillment of his functions.



“RESOLUTION UIF N ° 228/2009”
“RESOLUTION UIF N ° 231/2009”

The unit antiwash of the Bank of the Nation Argentina:

(UAL) Is a unit specializing in the matter. His principal target is to execute the politics and procedures on the subject of Control and Prevention of the Wash of Money, in accordance with the law 25.246, his Regulatory Decree and Dispositions come from the FINANCIAL INFORMATION UNIT (UIF) and the BCRA.

Also, the Institution counts with:

COMMITTEE OF CONTROL AND PREVENTION: (CCP) Is the manager of designing and defining the politics and strategies to be continued in the matter. It is integrated for:
Three Directors: A President, A Vice-president and A Member.
Official of Máximo Nivel: General manager. Unit Antiwashed: Departmental manager.
Official of high level, in charge to look over the observance and implementation of the procedures and necessary control panel.
POLITICS OF “MEETS HIS CLIENT”: It is the key to detect operations related to the Wash of Money and Financing of the Terrorism, and it is based on the securing of a knowledge of the identification and profile of the clients. In the Persons' cases Politically Exposed (PEP'S) due extended diligence is realized and to prepare the link of persons associated with the terrorism, there are consulted Internet pages where there are published lists of those who are related to the above mentioned activity.
RECORD, ANALYSIS AND REPORT OF “SUSPICIOUS OPERATIONS”: Database that contains all the movements of operations equal or superior to $ 30.000 and procedures for the pursuit of big deposits or retirement in cash. Realized the analysis of the operations there are brought that suspicious turn out to be or without justification.    

- the politics of prevention of wash of assets of the Entity is according to the forecasts of the Patriotic Law of the USA.

- there were arranged programs of training and training destined for the agents of the Institution in all his hierarchies. The same ones develop periodically during the whole year, in order to include to the totality of the personnel.

- the Bank is a permanent object of internal audits and of external studies as this way also on the part of Banco Central of the Republic Argentina (BCRA) and General Audit of the Nation (AGN).

- the Bank does not offer services to Banks Off Shore (Banks subject to the prohibition, incorporated in his bank license, to move forward deals with the citizens of his fatherland or in the local currency of his fatherland), Internet Banks (Banks that operate only across Internet, without being provided with physical offices) and named Shell Banks (Banks incorporated in a jurisdiction in which one it does not have physical presence not member to a financial group either).

- I commit an outrage that the Law 25246 and the regulation of the Central Bank of the Republic Argentina (BCRA) prohíben definitely the opening of “Anonymous Accounts”, the BNA does not offer them.

- the politics antiwashed is for fulfillment of our Central House, divisions of the country and divisions and representations of the exterior. With regard to these two last ones, if the countries where they are taken root have more strict laws, they must expire with the same ones.


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