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On May 9, 2010

National council of Norms, Quality and Certification – CNNCyC

The Bank integrates the National Council of Norms, Quality and Certification (CNNCyC), which takes as a function to promote the necessary measurements to assure the efficient functioning and credibility of the System (National of Norms, Quality and Certification SNNCyC).


This system, of voluntary character, is destined to offer reliable instruments at local and international level. One applies to products, services and processes that are commercialized in our country, be of origin national or imported and it has for object that the companies that want to gain access to the certification count with the organisms of standardization, accreditation and certification integrated in accordance with the current international norms.

The CNNCyC considers important that the Pymes could become famous or be certified, reason for which BNA puts to his scope the credit lines:

Financing of Productive Investments”.

Financing Investments of Productive Activities for the Micro, Small and Medium Company MiPyMEs
(Rules n ° 400)

So that the above mentioned Pymes could obtain the necessary financing that allows them to achieve this assignment.

To obtain major information about this one or other credits for his company
communicate with our agents across the contact form.

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  You count for PyMEs
Safety and support for a better administration of the money of the company.

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