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On May 9, 2010
 Electronic banking PyMEs  Empresa 24

I access to Transactional Networks

Produce the accounts of his company from here.
The Bank of the Nation Argentina offers him a platform in Internet to produce the accounts of his company with entire serviceability.

Innovations Electronic Banking

Electronic invoice The BNA offers an integral solution to express or to visualize electronic invoices. Know all the benefits of this new service.

Subscribe! to begin to operate with this product click here

Subscribe! to begin to operate with this product click here

Nation Company 24 is the solution monobank that allows him to administer all his accounts taken root in the BNA, allowing to realize in Internet the habitual deals in division.


Consultation of balances and movements.
Interbank transferences.
Orders of checkbooks and deposit slips.
Payments AFIP.
I access to the Payment of Taxes
Customs officers
across the Module

Historical consultation of the balances and
movements of the current month and of
last 2 months.
Multiple transferences:
Payment of Money and Providers to
turn of the modules FULL and

If he wants to begin to operate with this service or know more about how administering the accounts of his company from your own office click here.
Interpyme is the solution multibank that allows to centralize the bank operations of his company in up to two financial institutions and six accounts.


I access to the state of his accounts
in any of the Banks
with which
Historical consultation of the balances and movements of the last 2

Projection of the movements to
to become famous in 24, 48, 72 and 96horas
Knowledge with accuracy of
schedule which the daily movements are joining.
Transferences of funds and Payment to third with credit in accounts of any of 42 banks
members of the network.
Money accreditation for his

For major information visit the Interpyme page.

Benefits for his company

I access to accounts in unified form: With the services of Electronic Banking it can
to gain access to information of all his accounts.
Schedules freedom: it can occur with a major hourly flexibility with regard to
Costs reduction: saving of time and resources.
Major and better information: of current and historical values.
Minor risk: he avoids the handling of physical money.

is a product for big companies that it allows to manage in form

centralized all his bank accounts.


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Electronic banking
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Electronic invoice
Exterior commerce
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Collection management
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