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On May 9, 2010
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This service allows to the issuing clients of invoices and credit notes to obtain the C.A.E. (the necessary authorization code to express an electronic invoice), to put at the disposal of his clients the expressed electronic invoices and to take a control especially the invoicing process. All this easily and in only one I besiege.

Also, all the receiving clients of the invoices can sign to the service to visualize them in completely free form.



The Interbanking solution is interinvoices for the emission and visualization of electronic invoices (the same way as the diet established by the Federal Administration of Public Income RG Afip Nro.2177).

A service that makes possible to the companies to express in electronic form invoices and other vouchers (RG 2485/08, 2511/08, 2557/09), and to the clients of the above mentioned companies, to receive them and to visualize them through the network, in a standard format for both parts.

It is important to bear in mind that the recipients of the documents can subscribe to the service to visualize them without any cost.

Forced titles: The AFIP incorporates, by means of his resolutions, to the different subjects forced to express Electronic Invoices. You can visualize the information updated from here


  Distinguishing characteristics of Interinvoices  

Standard format: In the whole network xml uses a standard format to facilitate the processes of integration of the issuer and of the recipient

Concentration: Interfacturas is the Network of Electronic Invoices that it concentrates to
Banks, AFIP, Issuers and Recipients.

Capillarity: Issuers and Recipients are related through the network of Invoice



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